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Welcome to AWAM!! 

We provide tools for the aviation maintenance community to thrive by staying engaged and connected.  Our website is now interactive for our Corporate, Educational and Individual members.  Benefits include jobs board, peer-to-peer forums, interests groups and searchable membership directory.  All the while, we remain the same organization established in 1997 helping to promote education, networking opportunities, and scholarships for the aviation maintenance community.  We invite you to look around. 

An Aircraft Mechanic maintains the overall operation of an aircraft by performing scheduled maintenance checks, diagnosing problems and repairing or rebuilding components. 

Listen to an Aircraft Mechanic explain the many different responsibilities of this occupation and the skills needed to be successful in aerospace.

Alicia is a wife, mother, and an Aircraft Mechanic.  Watch the video to see her story on how she is carrying her mothers legacy. 

Through hard work and dedication she now has a rewarding career in aerospace.


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AWAM and WAI ?

We are often asked, what are the differences between AWAM and WAI and why should my company support both organizations?

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