Photo In 777 Simulator 2

Epic Scholarship Experience

George Powell in 777 Simulator

George Powell in 777 Simulator

I wanted to thank everyone for the fantastic opportunity provided by FedEx and AWAM through the Run/Taxi Training Scholarship, which I completed last week.  The word “epic” is not too strong a word to apply to my experience.

Steve Simmons was a wonderful instructor, and I learned a great deal during the training.  On the last day, after I landed the 777 at Charles de Gaulle airport, Steve threw a simulated engine fire at me.  As the saying goes, “you never rise to a crisis, you sink to the level of your training.”  I rapidly ran through the checklist as I had been trained, completing each item quickly and in order.  I feel confident that I would be able to react appropriately if I was ever to face such a situation in a live aircraft.

I hope FedEx will continue to offer this scholarship in the future.  It is invaluable training for mechanics, and I greatly appreciate AWAM and FedEx for providing me this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

by: George Powell