AWAM Committees
Seven major areas support members and our organization’s mission and goals. A description of each of these areas is below. To learn more about how you can volunteer in one of these areas to support AWAM contact the respective Chairperson.

FINANCING Teressa Stark, Chairperson, Laura Gordon, Co-Chair
Involves working with Advertising, Fund Raising, Grants and our Sponors to meet AWAM operating expenses and provide support for AWAM programs.

MARKETING Lynette Ashland, Chairperson
Promotes AWAM through work on the website, events, press releases, publications and merchandise.

MEMBERSHIPMarcia Buckingham / Cathy Craven, Co-Chairpersons
Answers the needs of AWAM Individual, Student, Corporate, Educational and Lifetime Members through networking and by researching and securing benefits.

CHAPTERS Angel Green, Chairperson
Connect AWAM Members, providing networking, opportunities, and community outreach involvement.

SCHOLARSHIPS & AWARDS Anna Romer and Andrew Csondor, Scholarship Co-Chairpersons working with sponsors to provide exceptional opportunities for AWAM Members is a key program for AWAM.

EDUCATION Jane Shelton, Chairperson
Working as a FAASTeam member providing Recurrent Training and IA Renewal programs, supporting a Mentor Program, providing speakers and support for public outreach events, and developing new programs are all key areas supported by AWAM.

SUPPORT Marcia Buckingham, Chairperson
Historical AWAM organization information is  maintained.

WEB DEVELOPMENT – Teressa Stark, Chairperson
Providing information technology (hardware & software) support, and maintain AWAM databases and documents are included here.