Pratt Recipients And Reps 2

AWAM’s Scholarship Program supports the diverse skills required in the field of Aviation Maintenance & Technology.  AWAM began its scholarship program in 2002 with four scholarships awarded to eight recipients.

In 2017, AWAM awarded over $185,000 in scholarships to 21 females and 9 males.  With the assistance of our incredible sponsors, this program continues to grow to support our industry and the needs of the future. Unique scholarship opportunities are not just for initial students or just for females.  Many are for those already working in the field, transitioning from the military, and for men as well.

Review the information to find the scholarships that match your goals or to see how you can become an AWAM Scholarship Sponsor.  AWAM is working hard to offer more scholarship opportunities for next year!  Thank you to all of our corporate and individual sponsors for another successful milestone breaking year filled with wonderful opportunities for our future aviation work force!

If you have any suggestions for new scholarships, would like to inquire about donating a scholarship, or have questions on completing your scholarship application,  please contact our Scholarship Chair by emailing Stephanie Morris at: Scholarships or contact her by phone at: (619) 537-6337.