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AWAM is open to women, men, corporations, educational institutions, and organizations throughout the aviation industry.  Professionals, educators, students, and any others interested in supporting women in aviation maintenance technology are encouraged to become a member.

You do not need to hold a specific license or be employed in aviation maintenance.  When you join, you become part of a vital group that cares about increasing community awareness of aviation maintenance and the important part that women play in safety and technology.

AWAM Membership Includes:
Scholarships                                             Publications                                 Professional Development
Networking                                               Tool Discounts                              Merchandise Discounts
Book Discounts                                         Trade Magazines                          Advertising
Mentoring                                                 Educational Resources                  Awards
Annual Events                                           AWAM Chapters                            

Membership Options and Fees:
All prices are annual, except where noted.  

Student:  $15 *
Active full-time high school, undergraduate, graduate, or A&P student enrolled in an approved program or apprenticing in the field.

Individual:  $25 *
Aviation professionals and AWAM supporters.

Educational Institution:  $150
Accredited schools who support AWAM’s mission and goals.

Corporate:  $300
Companies and/or organizations who support AWAM’s mission and goals.  Each corporate membership includes benefits for three individual employee members.

Lifetime:  $500
One time fee

* Individuals and Students outside the U. S. A. – add $10