Scholarships & Awards Deadlines
♦ August 15th, 2016 Opening date for accepting award applications.
December 1st, 2016 Closing date (Must be postmarked by date)
January 2017 Recipients will be notified.
2017 Awards and Scholarships will be presented at the AWAM Scholarship & Awards Breakfast sponsored by Pratt & Whitney, to be held at the Disney Coronado Resort March 4, 2017.

2017 Scholarship Awards recognize inspiring individuals that have been devoted to the maintenance field, have had the courage to make their dreams come true and in addition have encouraged others.

Nominees must have demonstrated, among other qualities, their commitment to community and/or campus service, leadership, responsibility, and professionalism.  Recipients are recognized annually during AWAM’s annual meetings and other conferences.

♦ The Richard C. Wellman Award
Mary Ann Eiff – Teacher of the Year Award
Student of the Year Award
Beyond All Odds Award (No longer offered)
AWAM Art Award

Awards nominations for 2017 are now available.
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Previous recipients:
2015 not awarded
2014 Tom Hendershot
2013 not awarded
2012 not awarded
2011 not awarded
2010 not awarded
2009 not awarded
2008 not awarded
2007 Alice Rice
2006 not awarded
2005 John Goglia
2004 Mary Feik
2003 Victor Boyce
2002 Richard C. Wellman
The 2016 Richard C. Wellman Recipient Jim Mazeski.

2016 Richard C. Wellman Award Recipient – Jim Mazeski (Pratt & Whitney)

The Richard C. Wellman Award
Established by the AWAM Board of Directors in 2002 to recognize deserving men and women who consistently and conscientiously champion the cause of women in the fields of aviation technology.Richard “Dick” C. Wellman, the first award recipient, received the award at the PAMA awards luncheon, Indianapolis, IN. Dick was the Pratt & Whitney Customer Training Center Director and previous Chairman of PAMA. He has been a key advocate of AWAM since its inception in 1997.
This award is not necessarily awarded annually.

Mary Ann Eiff presents the 2016 Teacher of the Year Award to Jon Byrd

2016 Teacher of the Year – Jon Byrd (With Mary Ann Eiff)

The Mary Ann Eiff – Teacher of the Year Award
Named after first year recipient, Mary Ann Eiff, the goal of this award is to honor the teacher who has inspired others.

Previous recipients:
2015 not funded
2014 not funded
2013 Becky Baker Duncan
2012 Rebecca Teerink

2011 Gail Rouscher
2010 not awarded
2009 Raylene Alexander
2008 Greg Klein
2007 Rebecca Armstrong
2006 Lisa Soderquist
2005 Jon Leever
2004 Stephen Harms
2003 not awarded
Previous recipients:
2015 Salem Saoud
2014 Monica Miller
2013 Raquel Oliva
2012 Karen Knewston
2011 Rasheedah Grafton
2010 Felicia Kaylor
2009 Yesenia Arroyo
2008 Brittany England
2007 Katherine Crysel
2006 Rebecca Hopkins
2005 Anna Margaret Romer
2004 Christi Garner
2003 Nancy Jones
2002 Nicole Cagnolatti
AWAM President Lynette Ashland presents 2016 Student of the Year Award to Stephanie A. Morris

2016 Student of the Year – Stephanie A. Morris with Lynette Ashland, AWAM President.












Student of the Year Award

Honoring a deserving, hardworking student with great a  attitude.

Rosa Mitzel Guerra

Rosa Mitzel Guerra

Beyond All Odds Award
Honoring a deserving, hardworking student with a great attitude. This is an award to honor an individual who has become successful despite enormous challenges.
This award is no longer offered.

Previous recipients:

2010 Corrie Ambrose
2009 Jerri Evans
2008 reserve year
2007 Diane Rehfeld
2006 reserve year
2005 Lt. Col. Karen Aravich
2004 Janice Whittaker
2003 Chastity Prescott-Salinsky
2002 Rosa Mitzel Guerra and Therese Stone
2001 Heidi Helfrich

Special recognition in the area of art depicting women in aviation maintenance was awarded to the following recipients:
2001 Don Freight,
“Rosie and the Fork-tail Devil”
1999 Cher Hogan,
“Personal Touch”
ART182AWAM Art Award
In conjuction with CAE SimuFlite and Flying Magazine, AWAM supported an Aviation Art Award to recognize artists depicting women in aviation maintenance.
This juried aviation art show was first held in 1993. AWAM became involved in 1999 when AWAM presented Cher Hogan with a special recognition award for her painting “Personal Touch,” which depicted women in the aviation maintenance career field.The CAE Horizons of Flight Art Awards is one of only two non-military art competitions and exhibitions in the United States. It was created to support aviation artists by displaying and promoting their work to the public.
Aviation art entered in the competition is displayed at the CAE SimuFlite’s Dallas/Fort Worth training center. In addition to the general public, the show is seen each week by hundreds of pilots and maintenance technicians who train at CAE SimuFlite.